Five Favorites

My kids and I are visiting my parents this week. I've had time to walk, read, sleep, and now...blog!

I thought I would jump on here and share five recent favorites. I love when other bloggers do posts like these. Because isn't word of mouth is the best way to get more goodness in your life?! I think so.


bugs in ice

My mom froze some toy bugs in a big block of ice for George (5) to excavate. He has had a blast digging his way through the ice with a butter knife to collect the bugs. We have frozen and re-frozen them several times. This is a great activity to burn up a little time during the summer.


Old Navy golden bronze flip flops

What a fabulous, casual, and affordable shoe! I have been wearing the O.N. golden bronze flip flops for years now. Though I mostly only wear them around my house, it feels a little more sophisticated than the other colors.


short hair

I have an upcoming hair appointment. I'm totally feeling a blunt bob. I'm planning to use this picture to show my hair stylist. I have genuinely tried to grow my hair out past my shoulders, but after a while I just can't stand it. Plus, it always ends up in a ponytail.

found image on Pinterest


If you need an epic summer read (or listen) I highly recommend America's First Daughter and/or My Dear Hamilton.

Both are written by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie
I have gotten completely caught up in these stories. Riveting! Five Stars!


open face sandwiches

for breakfast...for lunch...I'm all about an open face sandwich! Toast a good piece of bread and then top with...

cream cheese and cucumbers
pimento cheese and tomato
avocado and fried egg or a tomato (or both)

What are your favorite things these days?!


  1. We just started doing open-faced sandwiches for Sunday noon dinner! I just blogged about it. Well, I guess we had BLTs on Sunday, but mine was openface. We actually did these for brunch one time and called them tartines, the fancy French way :)

    I just finished a Lee Smith novel (Fair and Tender Ladies) SO GOOD. She's a Southern author. I just put 2 more on hold at the library.

    Can't wait to see your bob! I love when people get their hair cut.

  2. Love the bugs in ice idea! You inspired me to post on my five recent favorites :) Hope you're having a good summer so far!

  3. Lovie is a genius with the bugs in ice idea. One could do so much with that (toy dinosaurs maybe). And am so enchanted by your other favorites.


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