Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas (File this post away for next year.)

We adore our teachers. I could cry thinking about how dear they are and how much they have loved our kids over the years. I want to celebrate them!

In the past, teacher gifts have sneaked (snuck?) up on me. But not so much now that I have become a little more seasoned school mom. If I could, I would buy every teacher a $100 gift card to their favorite restaurant. But... a few more realistic ideas...

Ideas of things that express our gratitude but also don't junk up their life.

Idea 1: Poinsettias
This is what we gave this year. My friend gave me the idea. I got most of them to our teachers early in the month so they could enjoy them all December long. Bonus: it was done early.


Idea 2: A personal gift wrapping party! My friend, Jessica, says this is her go-to gift for teachers. Some pretty wrapping paper, some tape, a nice bar of dark chocolate. Getting some gift wrap on sale for next year is a good idea. I also like the idea of getting some really special, upscale wrapping that is a step up of from Target or Walmart. Etsy has some great options.

Idea 3: This third idea takes some forethought and is a little labor intensive. Make a batch of the Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls and give some pretty napkins and paper plates to go along with them. Our teachers went crazy for this a few years ago.

Gift cards are always appreciated I'm sure, and I have gone that route many times. But as we have more and more teachers in our life, these ideas are better suited to our budget but still express our big, big love we have for them.

In full disclosure, I did not give gifts to Caroline's teachers. She only goes one day a week. I totally dropped the ball and forgot. Maybe I can show our love for them on New Year's or Valentine's. Which is a reminder that Christmas does not have to be the only time to give a gift.

What's your go-to teacher gift? Ideas?!


  1. Great ideas! I do love our teachers - and SS teachers, let's not forget them! - but I tend to give gifts at times other than Christmas since there's so much going on in Christmas.
    I have given homemade hot chocolate mix (in winter), or homemade bread. One time I did knitted dishcloths and they were a huge hit. I've heard that teachers really like coffee shop gift cards, but I haven't done that.

  2. It was really nice to see all those ideas and I think that it was really good to see that you had bery useful and brilliant ideas that can really prove to be the best gifts to the teachers from the children.

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