10 Awesome Things

Hello there! I did not mean to be away for so long. But LIFE. We have had so many extra things with the end of school. I'm thrilled to finally see the light of summer around the bend. Whoo hoo!

Today, I thought I would share 10 awesome things that I heavily endorse. Don't you love a good recommendation?!

1. Caveman Bars - these are are mostly nuts and some chocolate. I have been looking for a somewhat healthful and delicious bar to eat for breakfasts on busy mornings or for an afternoon treat.
Larabars - no.
Cliff bars - heck no.
Caveman bars - thumbs up.

2. For some reason I am just now catching on to Costco's premade dinners. Our family has recently enjoyed the stuffed bell peppers twice. They are fantastic. It's basically a homemade meal that I didn't make. And the price is so reasonable considering you get a night off from cooking.

3. LAKE pajamas. Since I'm a 34 year old woman I thought it was about time to buy a decent pair of pajamas. These pj's are heaven. 100% cotton which is a must.

4. I picked up the Aztec Secret face mask at Whole Foods. I love it. It burns in the best kind of way - you feel like it's doing something - ha!

5. And to follow the face mask...St. Ives Face Moisturizer. It is much cheaper at drug stores than on Amazon.

The mask and the moisturizer are great products for their price.

6. My 8 year old received this amazing swing for his birthday from grandparents. It has become the new hearth of our home. We spend so much time gathered around this swing. We even read the children's bedtime story by the swing one night over the weekend.

7. A reader introduced me to Primary Clothing a while ago and I have yet to buy anything. I do plan to because I think the idea for plain, brightly colored children's clothes is genius. I am all about their swim collection and will totally be buying some rashguards before the swim season begins.

8. I have heard the author (Andy Crouch) of this book interviewed on two different podcasts. Everything he said was so thought provoking and good. I'm adding the book to my TBR list.

The Tech Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology In It's Proper Place

9. This is a lovely blog post about losing weight and staying slim. Such sound advice.

10. I have been all about knotting my tees lately. I find it goes great with skirts or when you want a neater look but do not feel up to tucking in your shirt.

What is awesome and what do you recommend?


  1. Do you order the bars or do you have a place you can pick them up from?

  2. Good ideas - and love the swing!

  3. thanks for the primary colors website link! It's great stuff and not expensive!!

    Also, I'd love to see your knotted tees. I've been buying more fitted tees for years, so I don't think mine have a lot of room to knot, so I'm curious to see how you're doing it. . .

    1. I will try to blog a picture soon. Sometimes I use a rubber band.

  4. Love Primary! Their leggings have held up even better than our Hanna Andersson ones. I've had my eye on Lake pjs--they are on my list! Glad to hear they're great. I love a good face mask too--I've been curious about that Aztec one for years. If you need any TV recommendations and haven't watched Peaky Blinders or The Night Manager yet, I highly recommend them! Both are like watching a movie every night!

    1. Thanks for the show recommendations, Kirby!

      And good to know about the leggings. Leggings are always falling apart.

  5. So what were the podcasts you were listening to?

    Thanks for all your recs, always. They're always fun and interesting!

    1. My favorites are Sorta Awesome, The World and Everything In It, What should I read next?, and The Read Aloud Revival.


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