January Clean Out

It's January, which means I'm cleaning up and cleaning out! I love doing this every year, my 6th year in a row. After all the Christmas STUFF it feels good to cleanse.

Every year it gets easier because there is less to sort through, and I get better at the process. I'm also better about tossing stuff all year long.

Yesterday, I started with clothes, today was books, tomorrow toys, then some drawers, and then on to  sentimental and photos which I will probably handle next week.

I'm listening to Joshua Becker's The More of Less as I go for motivation. It's good. Most non fiction, self help books are terrible on audio. But this one is really fanning my flame to minimize my things so I can maximize my life!

Girls' clothes are always the hardest because they are so cute. But we have so much, no way we can wear it all.

Books are hard, too. But how can I justify keeping a book I've had for 15 years that I have not read and don't plan to?!


After: I got rid of one trash bag full of girls clothes!

Things I plan to do instead of managing a house full of crap -

have friends over
have a better attitude about helping my children with homework
save money!

Do you love a good declutter this time of year?!


  1. I love a good declutter any time of year!

  2. I am in a constant state of decluttering! And try to do a big concerted declutter before birthdays, Christmas, etc. If you have Netflix you should watch the documentary called Minimalism--my husband and I just watched it last weekend and immediately cleaned out our basement, which was our final frontier of clutter!

    1. I just watched that documentary, too! That's awesome that it motivated y'all to kick the rest of your clutter to the curb :)!!!

  3. yes!!! I'm especially motivated after Christmas.

  4. I have a frugal February! I try to get rid of 28 bags of stuff! If feels so good.

    1. I remember when you blogged about frugal February! Love it.

  5. I always have a box in the basement where I put stuff I no longer need/want. After it gets full I either sort through it and keep stuff for a garage sale or donate it. I just don't have the time or energy to do whole areas at once so it works better to just do it as I clean and put stuff away every day.

  6. I have started the same process at my house! It feels good. I enjoy decluttering the house. The children's clothes is the hardest part for me.


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