A Few Photos of Stephen's 7th Birthday Party

Recently, we celebrated Stephen's 7th birthday with a good, old fashioned backyard party!

He wanted a Titanic themed cake, but there are some things a mama just can't do. Maybe next year.

My sister took these pictures, and I love this one below. Action shot.

My niece is a fantastic baker, and she found this dirt and dump truck cake in a cook book. It reminded her of Stephen, so she whipped it up and sent it to the party...which was so awesome because we needed two cakes for such a big crowd!

Y'all, my boy felt loved. That's all that matters about a birthday party.

The weather was perfect. Answer to prayer!

Time flies.

I cannot believe my oldest baby is seven years old. He's so sweet, an old soul, an affectionate, and interesting person.

Just a funny memory I want to remember.....

The other day we went to Starbucks to get a chocolate croissant. We were sitting at a high top table, and I see Stephen's lips start to pucker....like I'm coming over there to give you a kiss, Mama.

It was so crowded and I was thinking...this is not the time or the place with the jiggly, high top table and the coffee.

But he was coming for me, and gave me the biggest kiss on the cheek. Mwah! Love that boy.

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