5 Spring Things I'm Loving

1 - Chick fil A's Spicy Southwest Salad

I have enjoyed this salad quite a few times lately when I'm in between an errand and the carpool line and I don't have quite enough time to go home for lunch. There is so much lettuce and texture and deliciousness in this salad! Highly recommend.

I'm not great at drinking water, but the LaCroix sparkling waters make it a little more interesting to me. I like drinking these in the late afternoon when it's too late for coffee and too early for wine. And really the only thing I have any business drinking is water. There are no calories and no sodium which makes this the perfect healthy "treat."

3 - Chacos

I love Chacos. My first pair I bought in college, and they lasted for ten years. Recently, I replaced them, and I'm loving them! They are comfortable to walk in, and they are a great multipurpose shoe.

4 - Aerobie Pro Flying Ring

I got a couple of these rings to have at Stephen's birthday party. They are perfect because they are much easier to throw than a Frisbee. So they work great for young children (age 3 or 4), but they are also fun for older kids (and adults!). We recently spent a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in the back yard throwing the Aerobie Pro's around.

5 - Anne Bogel's podcast, What Should I Read Next?

For your reader-y people...this is the best podcast. Anne Bogel interviews different readers about the books they love, the books they hate, and then she gives recommendations. I've learned so much about my own reading life since I started listening to this podcast.

What are you loving these days?

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  1. Great post SB!! Love your "likes" and recommendations.


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