What I'm Loving and Learning About My Capsule Wardrobe

A few posts back I shared my winter capsule wardrobe.


The rules:

3 months: January, February, and March
39 pieces of clothing, shoes, and scarves (give or take a couple)
no shopping

One month in, I'm learning and loving so much! And for the first time in my life, I'm not stressed about clothes! This being said, I feel the need to clarify - I'm not an immaculate dresser. I'm average. But I have always loved clothes, and I like to look nice. After babies and babies and babies...I was feeling totally out of whack with my style and thought the capsule wardrobe craze just may be the solution to my decade long clothing crisis.

So, for what it's worth, here's what I'm learning and loving about my capsule wardrobe.


1. I love that enough is defined. In the fashion realm of ever changing trends, I have always felt like I did not have enough of the latest and greatest. Defining how much you wear, how much you shop, and having a budget really fosters contentment.

2. It's a break from decisions. Shopping = decisions. And frankly, I'm burned out on decisions! From what we have for dinner every night to what my children wear every day to what is on the family calendar all falls on me to decide. Having a set wardrobe and limitations on shopping is a glorious break from decision. No more scrolling J.Crew at 10PM trying to decide should I buy this, do I need this, should I spend this money!

3. I'm learning my style. Within the capsule, I gravitate towards outfits that are more "me" than others. This gives me the chance to analyze what and why I like or dislike something. Because there is no shopping, I can't distract myself from analyzing these style issues by running out and buying something new.

4. I'm figuring out the "holes" in my closet and how I can do better in the future. For example, next winter I would like a better comfy pant - shoe situation for everyday, casual wear. I have boots and Uggs and Toms, but I could use something warmer than Toms that are not boots.

Also, I think I could use a lighter, casual jacket. Like this, maybe.

mixing everyday wear with my athletic wear
Who am I?

5. I'm learning that I'm short. Well, I already know that. But I'm learning that this plays a huge role in what I wear and how I should put outfits together and what looks good. I can't emulate every look and trend I like without factoring in what flatters my short frame. For example, flowy sleeves and big jewelry or scarves are unflattering. They swallow me up.

However, monochromatic outfits are flattering, making me look taller. I never knew these things about myself until....you guessed it : capsule wardrobe!

6. I love that a capsule helps me plan the big picture. I'm not just getting a random piece of clothing here or there, but I'm coming up with an overall plan. I'm acquiring pieces that go together. What is the point of a great skirt if you have no tops to wear it with?


7. I'm excited to pass on this capsule concept on to my girls. They may not appreciate it until they are 32 and admit that mom was right about everything in life! But, at least I can give them this framework to start with and maybe save them a boatload of heartache when it comes to all things clothes and getting dressed. I'm 32 myself, and I feel like I'm finally figuring out the whole clothes thing and learning what it means to be content and enjoy wearing what I have instead of ALWAYS wishing I had more money, more time, and a better sense of style.

8. I'm so excited to put together my spring and summer wardrobes! In fact, I must confess I broke my shopping ban to buy something for my spring capsule. But it was thrifted and under $10. I think it was a good move! The rules are in place to be my servant and not my master.

Please forgive the selfies, the run on sentences, and poor use of commas. I'm in a bit of a rush!

Anyways, your thoughts? Would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I love the selfless - and that red lipstick is terrific!!! Love reading your blog, SB.

  2. ...plus it saves SO MUCH MONEY (in addition to time)
    I think the red lipstick looks great on you!

    -Kim from Philadelphia

  3. love your sweet girl in every selfie, too! I love your outfits - you look good!

    This is so gratifying to read your process and transformation - it's so hopeful. I do really love limits as a springboard for new ideas and creativity. I've never made formal limits/capsules/budgets for my wardrobe, but I wonder what would happen if I tried. . .

  4. It is better to have less money to buy things within the tight budget! Then there are more whimsical ideas!!!


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