Laurie's 5th Birthday P"ART"Y

I have a love/hate with children's birthday parties. They are so much work, yet so fun! Kind of like kids in general.

A nice family meal with cake and presents to follow are more my speed, but my children are party people. I want them to feel loved and special. And once I come around to accepting the fact that I am the one in charge of the details, I totally get into it.

Also, I have wonderful memories of the fabulous parties my mom put together for me as a child.

At the top of the list are...

a play at a local children's theater followed by pizza and cake,
an egg hunt/ cookie decorating party when my birthday was close to Easter,
a 50's party where we rented a jukebox and made the carport a dance floor


a surprise lunch at the country club with a huge centerpiece of yellow roses when I turned 18!
I could go on. (Thanks for the memories, Mama!)

Birthdays are special and worth all the trouble.

For Laurie's party....after much agonizing over a theme, we came to an agreement and settled on an art party, or rather a P"ART"Y, which was perfect for a cold, unpredictable January day.

The girls painted flowers on canvases, ate lunch, and cake. The end.

The supplies are all from my beloved AMAZON.

paints/ brushes/ canvas/ palettes/ aprons

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Love our special 5 year old! 
I (WE) truly had so much fun with this party.


  1. This so cute!!! Did you draw flowers or find canvas with flowers drawn? Or how did you get picture on there....my girls would love this!

  2. this is wonderful! Especially love the palette with cupcake and sprinkles - so clever.

    Also, I am inspired by your reasons for embarking on parties for your kids. I really hate kid parties, but I love my kids. . . so, something for me to think about. thanks.

  3. Happy for you to have had a great party thrown my a wonderful mom for her special! I think she feels to be loved!


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