Valentines + Links

So, I have this thing about homemade Valentine's. I love them! My kids' enthusiasm for making them grows every year. The simpler the better. Cut out a heart and write your name on the back. Or in the case of this year, watercolor a heart.

These watercolor Valentines were our inspiration. Laurie adored this project. She watercolored her heart and soul out.

Stephen requested we send candy hearts with his. He counted out 10 candy hearts for each classmate and 11 for his teacher. That's love.

Life has been a little overwhelming lately.

We have all been sick with various viruses and bugs that will not quit. I feel like I run an infirmary. I've dished out so many meds I finally ordered some of these disposable medicine cups. They are much more sanitary than rinsing out syringes and reusable medicine spoons.

I'm thinking spring cleaning is in the near future. Reading How one house cleaner only uses 3 products makes me want to try Krud Kutter. Have you ever tried it?

As our children's book collection has grown, we could sure use some more bookshelves. I'm hoping that I can recruit Stephen to build something like this one from the Land of Nod. I love the cubbies at the bottom.

I've made Margo's pizza crust 3 times now and it's here to stay.

Sometimes it really is as simple as cake Thought this blog post was so touching.

George is in real need of some new pj's. If I could trust him to not strip down to his birthday suit, I'd order these from Old Navy. It's still zippers and footies until we can establish that trust.

We all love this show - The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Stories. It's free on Netflix, and it is precious. Several of the Eric Carle stories are told and the music is beautiful.

What are you into these days?!


  1. Love this post! Beautiful valentines and sweet story about Stephen's decision. I am so sorry you all have been sick. That is going around but that doesn't make it any easier! Love to all of the Spooners!

  2. Love this. These are the days. Each time I read your blog, it makes me wish I'd kept blogging. So many sweet memories being made and documented. And your babies will be SO THANKFUL one day when they get to look back at these posts. Just precious!

  3. love your blog! thanks for the disposable medicine cup recommendation ... i bought them and i can tell it will be life changing.


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