Thanksgiving + Christmas

photo credit: my dad

Y'all, we had a great Thanksgiving visiting my family. And now we are home and ready to take on Christmas!

I love the Christmas season, but I do not like to go too crazy schedule-wise, especially with kids. I like to be careful and not let all the hoop-la throw over our normal routines.

Going to bed early, playing outside, reading books, eating our vegetables, and memorizing scripture- it's important to me to keep these things a priority. Mostly, I have selfish motives. My kids just do better when we stay committed to healthy activities.

Promise I'm not a Scrooge. Of course there are plenty of treats! - the tree, Christmas music, fires, hot chocolate, parties, and gifts.

Also, in prep for the flurry of new toys I'm working on a major clean up/ clean out around here. This book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, is both hilarious and inspiring.

Praise the Lord, I got most of my Christmas shopping done online on Black Friday. All I have left is a stop at (the cutest!) local bookstore. I want to patronize them and the experience of going in there takes me back in time.

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  1. Always happy with a new post - love the pic of George and hooray for local books stores. Love you, SB, and love to all of the Spooners.


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