2 Front Pots

Caroline and I planted some violas a few weeks ago, and I have officially made the switch from pansies to violas as my winter flower of choice. They are perkier. 

When they start looking sad, I will transition to impatiens or begonias for late spring/early summer. I try to keep my two pots by our front door looking fresh. It's the first thing you see when you walk up, and it communicates that I somewhat have it together even though I don't. 

We are years into a construction project, and the last bit is to replace some front siding and paint the house. It doesn't help that the guy we hired is mostly a no show. We are weary of it looking so bad for so long. The planters are getting me though. 

If you're feeling down about your space, I highly recommend getting a couple of big planters and going for it. 

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