Hey 2022

Where to begin? 

Happy New Year! We took down the tree and welcomed 2022 with a quiet night at home. I love this time of year. It is the perfect palete cleanser to follow the hustle of Christmas. I clean out, freshen up, and brighten all the spaces like my hair is on fire. Room by room I go. I'm reading Minimalista to get inspired. 

This is also a time for no drinking. With holiday merriment and travel behind us, it's time to rein in the booze. I trick myself by pouring fancy water into a champagne flute. A friend and I are doing a dry January together. The exception is if I go out to eat (which is rare), I can get a drink. I don't believe in extreme deprivation.

This is my favorite article about cutting back on drinking. I so relate.

My children return to school tomorrow. It's bittersweet. They can't stay here, but I will miss the days of togetherness. 

George and Laurie have had a lot of fun making comedy videos together. Some of them are actually funny.

What are you excited about this year? Tell me your dreams. 

1 comment:

  1. Love the idea of this post Christmas time as a palate cleanser. And look forward to seeing some of G and L’s videos.


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