Regular Haircuts + Rug Recommendation

I have tried a lot of different haircuts over the years. I really wanted to make bangs work, but I always come back to this chin length bob. 

I have a lot of opinions about hair. Do you? IMO a lot of women keep their hair too long and it looks unhealthy! Hair health should be the #1 priority. 

It's not the most important thing in life, but it's pretty darn important. HA! 

Another thing, I always schedule my next hair appointment when I'm leaving the salon. Set it and forget it. Why not? You're there. I go about every 8 weeks. 

Also, PSA. We bought a new rug for our big hangout room. I love it and it is on major sale at Pottery Barn! 

It is shedding a bit but that is to be expected. This rug is sturdy.

I learned from James Farmer and since have heard it from other designers -- blue and green are nature's neutrals -- think the sky, trees, grass, water. Blue or green almost always work in decor. 

Also, blue and white is always right!

1 comment:

  1. Your hair is so chic! My hair is driving me a little crazy. It turned curly/wavy in my 40s and I'm still figuring it out :/
    I adore blue and white together - so so much. My china is blue and white, and blue is my favorite color.


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