Hi - and Three Things

I have every intention of blogging more, but those darn kids!

So today I will say a quick hello, thanks for your comments, and here's 3 great things!

1- I stayed up late last night reading The Wife, The Maid, and The Mistress by Ariel Lawhon. If you like mysteries, it's great! It's based on the 1930 real life disappearance of New York Supreme Court Judge, Joseph Crater.


2. A thought: when and why did women stop dressing up? I'm thoroughly depressed at the everyday wear options and norms of the American SAHM. Jeans, I'm over you. One huge goal of mine is to wear more dresses and skirts. But they are hard to find! This gorgeous Boden Skirt caught my eye. I'm thinking on it. Also, if it worked, I would shorten it a little.

3. Last night we had Change-Your-Life-Chicken for the second time. It is EASY, amazing, and delicious, a one pan wonder. And there are plenty of leftovers to get me through a few lunches, too.

What are you loving? 

What do you think about women and their everyday dress? I'm currently obsessed with this topic. 

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  1. I will make that chicken - and I think I will like that blog, too!

    I wear skirts and dresses in hot weather, but jeans and pants in the winter with long undies underneath! I like to dress nicely though - so I don't wear yoga pants or sweatshirts around the house except for Sunday afternoons and after the kids are in bed. My goal is to look nice enough that I don't need to change my clothes when I'm going out to a meeting or shopping or meeting friends or whatever. My goal is to always feel like I look good. I do love that skirt and I would totally keep that length but I'm middle aged and don't have the legs for that :)

  2. As another SAHM, my wardrobe is seasonally depressing. The cold months are too frigid for me to think about wearing much other than my typical thick leggings and a sweatshirt-tunic type of top, but as soon as spring and summer come I feel much more put together (for a mom) and in summer especially I love throwing on a dress. Love Boden everything! Go for the skirt!

  3. Love Boden and love that skirt. And FYI - we are moving to Sewanee in April (unless something goes awry but we don't expect it). We are buying a great "mountain house" and are thrilled. More later and much love from both of us.

  4. You're so right about the dress--it seems every picture of our grandmothers/great grandmothers, they're in dresses/skirts, not Target yoga pants. They had the same issues with their kids/cooking/etc --and had MUCH more laborious work!-- so how can they pull it off and we can't!!?!

  5. I'm with you on the current trend of dressing down. Or rather, not dressing at all! I'm on the dressier side of the SAHM mom spectrum -- meaning, i don't wear active wear unless I'm working out -- and I am still much more casual than my grandmothers were. Not that I want to wear heels and pantyhose every day...

  6. I like the idea of wearing skirts and dresses, but there are so few available that aren't too short, too tight, or too dowdy. I have had quite a bit of luck at Goodwill, though. That Boden skirt looks like it would be easy to replicate if you could sew or knew someone who could. I would never ever pay $110 for a skirt, especially after finding them at Goodwill for $4.

  7. I love the idea of floating through my home in a flattering little sundress, but I do find housework more enjoyable when I'm in a t-shirt and Nike shorts. �� If a baby poops on me or grease pops on my shirt, no worries! I have tried lately to put on makeup and do my hair decently, even when I'm just home all day.


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