Netflix Recommendations and Links

Netflix is killing it. I can't believe how much great stuff there is to watch right now. As I was scrolling through today, these caught my eye.

Woman In Gold

True story - Jewish woman tries to recover a famous piece of artwork from the Austrian government that was taken from her family during WWII. Fabulous!

The People v. O.J. Simpson

Tragic and fascinating dramatization of the O.J. Simpson trial. I was too young to really know what was going on when this actually happened. So so interesting.

This is a series. 

For the kiddos...

Finding Dory


Remember Babe? Great movie.

Honorable mention...The Parent Trap....the old one. My kids watched it a few weeks ago and loved it.


What are you watching these days?


Ok, how bout some links?!

I'm trying a new budget thing for clothes for me (needs it's own post), and this J.Crew red bathing suit was the first thing I bought. I love it!

For When Systems Can't Save You
I'm such a systems lady. For better or worse.

The Little House books were released on Audible this week, read by a wonderful narrator - Cherry Jones.

If you are planning to make sugar cookies for Valentine's Day, here's the recipe you should use.

Laurie and I love watching The Very French Girl do her makeup.

On my menu this week...black bean and goat cheese quesadillas. Yum!

Speaking of dinner...I'm working on committing to a more consistent dinner time complete with candlelight.

One week of life with a cat and we are still standing....

Ok, signing off. Have a great weekend!


  1. Loved the Helen Mirren film. Have you seen "The 100 Foot Journey" (I think that's the name) with her? it's also wonderful. And do you remember doing an OJ tour with Lisa F. when y'all came to L.A.? I haven't seen the series but I'd like too. I was in LA through the "whole thing" and was fascinated by it! Love to you and all the Spooners by the way.

  2. oooh, I want to see Woman in Gold.

    I'm watching A Place to Call Home right now - it's an Acorn TV series I borrowed from my mom. My husband joins me occasionally - he calls it the Australian Downton Abbey :)

  3. Loved Woman in Gold and will have to check out the OJ series too! We are almost finished with Downton Abbey and I will have such a void when it's over. I just added Sarah and Duck to our Netflix and both my girls (1 and 3) think it's hilarious.

  4. These have been on netflix for a while, but I loved "Bernie," and "The Queen of Versailles." Both odd, sad and funny. I also enjoyed "Tracks." My kids (9 and 12) have loved "Granite Flats" and "A series of unfortunate events." Crazy Ex-Grilfriend is really well-done, but it stresses me out, so I can only watch in snippets, ha!
    (oops, just checked and Bernie is no longer there -- still worth mentioning).

  5. You must watch Harry and Snowman! It's a documentary about a Dutch immigrant, Harry DeLeyer, who buys a plow horse destined to be made into dog food for $80. The horse, through DeLeyer's training, becomes a show jumper winning numerous prestigious awards.

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