Packing School Lunches

I'm totally burned out on making peanut butter and jelly/honey sandwiches for lunch. So when my mom was here last week, and doing me the huge favor of going to the store for me, I told her to buy some (nutritious) prepackaged foods to make easy lunches with.

Yesterday afternoon, we pulled all the choices out and spread them on the table. I told each child to pick four things. They packed their own lunches!

I'm so pleased. This was fun and easy. Lunches may be a little more expensive this way, but paying for the convenience is like "hiring help." I don't have to make sandwiches in the wee hours of the morning. In this season, I need to hit the easy button as much as I possibly can.

Also, I think this type of lunch is healthier than my standard sandwich lunch. We'll see if it sticks.

 Laurie's choices
Stephen's choices

How do you feel about packing school lunches?


  1. I do NOT enjoy packing lunches!!! Since the baby was born, my kids have been eating more school lunches. At public schools, the lunches continue to get healthier thanks to Michelle Obama's efforts. All lunches in our district are free because of the poverty level. However, our home food is still better, so I still pack lunches. I don't usually do sandwiches because they are so fiddly. I make foccacia or pizza cups or samosas and freeze them ahead of time. Sometimes mac n cheese in a thermos. I don't know - it would be a big help if the kids could pack their own lunches, but by the time I tell them what food is available and/or needs to be eaten, I might as well just do it myself. . .

  2. Loved this post SB! Those lunches look yummy and so healthy! I agree- we get so tired of PBJ/PBH. Turkey rolled around a cheese stick is another good one, ants on a log, apple sandwich with peanut butter in the middle (core the apple, slice in the center in about 5-6 slices, put peanut butter in the middle--add raisins, chocolate chips..--it can be messy though!:))

  3. Those Costco applesauce pouches are GREAT. Sam gets one in his lunchbox every single day. He doesn't complain. I'm with you on the sandwiches. I've debated asking for a bread machine for my birthday. We buy SO MUCH BREAD at Costco. I love your idea of simply not packing a sandwich. Not sure why I've always thought my kids had to have sandwich.

  4. I feel so lazy that I can't stand making a sandwich! Thanks for the tips! So glad to hear things are going well at the Spooners! Can't wait to see that baby. And I laughed out loud at the Michelle Obama lunch comment.

  5. Where did you get these food containers? I've been researching bentos and just not sure if I want to shell out the money.


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