Cute (affordable) Summer Sandal

Last summer I tripped down some stairs at my in-laws house and ended up spraining my foot and limping for three weeks. Thankfully, nothing was broken! I was wearing a pair of stacked flip flops at the time and holding a glass of wine (which I did not spill amazingly).

It was at that moment that I swore off life threatening shoes i.e. loosely fitting wedges, stacked flip flops, flip flops in general.

Early this spring I started shopping for some sturdy (but cute) flats and this is what I found -  Saltwater sandals for adults. I ordered mine from Amazon with the price tag under $30. Oh my goodness, these are 1.cute 2.comfortable 3.safe 4.affordable. I love them, and I get complements every time I wear them.

They come in all sorts of cute colors. I have the classic tan, but I'm considering the navy or red for later in the summer.

Got to love a blogger foot photo ;)


  1. Cute toes in cute shoes! and good for you for swearing off flip flops. I've heard they are considered a major source of revenue for orthopedic surgeons!

  2. I LOVE them! Unfortunately, not my size at amazon, but maybe I will look around. I decided a few years ago that I must have shoes that strap onto my feet - no more slides or backless clogs. Too hard to walk well! My go-to summer sandals are from Dansko and they're not cheap at the outset, but they last for years.

  3. I REALLY like them! Will probably order some, too. Thank-you for thinking to post about this!

  4. I have had mine for about a year and love them! They look great and wear well. And my daughter loves it when we match :)


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