Homemade Valentine's + Some Links

The kids and I made some super simple Valentine's for their class parties. We cut out hearts and glued them on paper. The end.

I keep one modest box of construction paper, glue, scissors, and some stickers. We like to get like to get it down every now and then and craft our hearts out (pun intended).


I was totally intrigued by this article on children's play.  I've been experimenting in the area of play. I'm trying (with mild success so far) to get my children to play better without my constant involvement. I'm trying to not turn on the TV quite as often. I found the article so inspiring!

Check out this hilarious video a mom of three made in response to the question "do you work?" when asked at the doctors office.

My favorite pancake recipe so far.

And if you haven't read this article about how to keep a stomach virus from spreading through your house, I highly recommend it (and then immediately order from Amazon a box of rubber gloves to keep handy - I did).


Have a great Tuesday.


  1. Love that even Sean is involved in making the Valentines. The kids are fabulous and I haven't yet the virus article, but I will. The rubber gloves make sense for a lot of reasons. Loved seeing you last week, by the way!

  2. these valentines are great. I like the middle road you chose - not uber-pinterest-cute and not store-bought characters.

    And that play article is awesome - I sent the link on to my husband, too. When I tell my kids that their grandpa played with sticks and stones and built his own toys (when he had time between farm chores), they are amazed. Play has changed so much!


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