Easter Traditions

What are your Easter traditions? 

We don't visit the bunny or have fancy Easter baskets. 

No Easter devotions or hot cross buns over here.

We do dye eggs, go to church, and have a big feast with friends. 

It's quality over quantity when it comes to holidays at our house. It's all I can muster. Truly, the simplest celebrations, the ones you can pull off with the supplies stocked in your cupboard -- those are my favorite. 

We use food coloring to dye eggs. 


Tulip Trick

My sister gave me a gift card to Fresh Market for my birthday (great gift, btw). While I was picking up a luxurious lunch last week, I was stunned by the beauty of the tulips. I couldn't resist! 

I bought a bouquet to try Cup of Jo's tulip trick. I had just seen it on her Instagram and blog, and I was up for an experiment. 

Here's the trick: Poke a hole with a pin through the base of the stems before putting in water. It will keep the flowers from drooping. 

tulips day one
Caroline attempting a natural smile - lol

24 hours after 

3 days later with fresh water, cut stems, and new tiny holes in the base. 
Oh, and I put a penny in the bottom. That's another trick. 

Don't you love it?

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