Classic Toys for Girls and Boys, Ages 3-6

Today I'm sharing my all time favorite toys. These are tried and true, all things my kids actually play with, well, except for the baby doll.

But I'm hopeful that my one year old daughter will eventually fill the void that my oldest girl left in my heart. (She has never played with babies!) Even though our dolls have been neglected, baby still deserves to be on the list.

These toys are great for lots of ages, specifically ages 3-6. These are toys that don't annoy me because they actually get the love they deserve. I have a girls' list and boys' list, but many of the toys are gender neutral.

I always ask my kids what they want for Christmas, and I try to get them at least 1 or 2 things they ask for (within reason). I also like to be up front about what they are not getting. I try to soften the blow so we don't have any major melt downs on Christmas day. No, you will not be getting an iPad or a cat!

All the links are Amazon affiliate links.

1 balance bike

2 helmet

3 soccer ball

4 baby doll

5 tea set

6 toy kitchen

7 ballet costume

8 Magna-tiles

9 Beatrix Potter books


1 dump truck

2 Duplos

3 capes

4 scooter

5 sandbox

6 ball

7 dinosaurs

8 train tracks

9 trains

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  1. Thanks for the amazing ideas. I have a nephew who’s going to be turning one very soon, and now I’ll make sure I gift him atleast one of these things.


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